Easter bunny table for two

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  1. Your table is lovely, Katherine! It is styled beautifully. I love your basketweave dishes and your pretty daisies! Happy Easter!

  2. Katherine, your table is beautiful and you’re a great stylist. Tables for two have always been a challenge for me and you nailed this one. I love the bunny with the big floppy ears and I hope you plan to hop with us from now on. Happy Easter dear friend!

  3. Katherine, I agree with everything Kim said…there are no mistakes or a “right” way to set a table. Real tables have wrinkled tablecloths! Just put the things you love on the table and it will look nice every time. Your table is adorable! I love the basket weave plates, polka dot placemats and the daisies in the watering can. I’m so glad you’ve joined our tablescape group. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Katherine: I love your tablescape! It is so cute-that bunny with the flip flops made me smile!! I also like that your tablescape is for two people, since that is how my table looks at my house. So often tablescapes are set for huge numbers of people and that is not everyone’s reality. Smaller families like pretty tables too! I wouldn’t change one thing about your tablescape. It is just perfect the way it is!

  5. Katherine, I think your table is just lovely! Let me tell you – I’ve photographed tables without silverware, with the silverware placed incorrectly, without full stacks, with crooked stacks – My tables are never perfect. I like to think my imperfections add charm.. or at least that’s what I’m going with. 😉 Half the fun of it is making it your own and that doesn’t always include what you might originally think is the “right” way to do things. I’ve gotten so much inspiration from this group and these hops! I love your table this go round and can’t wait to see what you come up with next time! Happy Easter to you!

  6. I love your table! It is absolutely adorable and so very spring! I love your flowers and the whimsical playfulness of your table…so much fun!! Mine looks so uptight and stressed…LOL I stopped using tablecloths because I got tired of fighting the wrinkles. Now, I just use a runner so that I can hide wrinkles if I need to! Have a great day! Hugs!

  7. Katherine, tablecloths can really be hard to photograph. I iron and iron and still see wrinkles in my photos. We are usually our own worst critic! I have posted a tablescape before with a glass missing , and one with a napkin missing. It happens, and if you don’t mention, no one will notice! Your bunnies are so cute, especially the one with flip flops. You did a great job, Katie xoxo

  8. Katherine, every tablescape is a learning experience and I think you did a great job. Your theme is so clear and you used the blue color very well. The bunnies are all cute and I hop you enjoyed the experience.

  9. Your table is adorable Katherine! I will give you a tip, never point out your mistakes!! When I saw your plate stack I thought it purposely had the bowl and salad plate slightly off center in an artistic way! Looks great! One time I set, photographed and wrote a tablescape post without napkins! Nobody noticed!! It’s obvious to me you had fun setting this sweet table for two, and that’s what it’s all about! Thanks for joining in the hopping fun!

  10. Catherine, I’m smiling also. Your bunnies are so cute. Those flip flops are adorable. I love your basket weave dishes and polka dot placemats. Your polka dot watering can is perfect for your table.
    I like the vase filled with eggs turned on its side spilling out the eggs. That was clever!
    Chasing the light is difficult and I struggle with that too. I learn something new with every blog hop! That’s why they are fun.
    Nice getting to know you.

  11. Your Easter table is so charming and whimsical! I am sure you are in very friendly company and won’t get any criticism. We are usually harder on ourselves! I love your bunnies! Have a wonderful Easter!

  12. Katherine, there is something definitely sweet and special about polka dots. Your placemats and watering can centerpiece are whimsical and playful along with your collection of cute bunnies. What speaks Spring more than daisies and your basketweave dinnerware. So adorable. Happy Easter!

  13. Katherine, your table is so cute! You are right about that little bunny with his little flip flops! I really love how you tucked the white crinkle grass and eggs in the clear glass vase on its side with the eggs tumbling out. I see how your one stack isn’t straight, I do that all of the time, too! I always edit all of my pictures before I undo my table! (even if I have to leave it there for 3 days! – ask me about the time I had to bring my real silver in from the front porch so it didn’t disappear overnight! ) Thanks for joining us for another hop!

  14. I love finding tablecloths with wonderful prints and patterns, but tend to prefer using or layering runners and placemats because it’s so hard to get them wrinkle-free and to lay nice and flat.

  15. Katherine, first off…never feel the need to critique your tablescape. It is like the dust on top of the fridge…if you don’t point it out, no one will notice. LOL Secondly, I have ironed tablecloths and they will still photograph those wrinkles. So go figure. Now to your table, it is lovely and I adore the little bunny with flip flops. I smiled right away, so the mood was set. Many times bloggers set a plate askew to show off patterns of the plate stack and I love your plates. the Tabitha Webb polka dot place mats are whimsical and make a great backdrop for your dinnerware. I would come and sit at your table for two sipping hot tea any day of the week. Happy Easter to you and your family.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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