hoop art

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  1. I used to cross stitch all the time and I could stitch for hours in one sitting. Sadly, I no longer have the time, but I’m still drawn towards the patterns.

  2. Hi Katherine, The patterns are lovely. The strawberries appear to be in counted cross stitch and not needlepoint. Counted cross stitch uses floss and Aida cloth. Needlepoint uses penelope canvas and yarn. Also, needlepoint projects are usually have designs painted on the penelope canvas. That’s not to say that one can’t use a counted cross stitch design for needlepoint.

    1. Hello sweet friend, yes, it’s true. But, when my mother taught me how to needlepoint we used embroidery floss and weavers cloth ( or muslin) whatever was available and within our budget. I added it to the paragraph so it won’t be so confusing. Thank you for the nudge. Hugs!

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