letting go of negative emotions

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  1. That was wonderful I just recently found after my second divorce actually my third divorce from my second husband LOL that the presbyterian church made me feel more confident and excepted I feel strong and I’m completely focused on the next chapter of my life. It’s funny that the author Frederick Buechner Uses the white pictures as a metaphor; I’ve just begun my studies so it is synchronistic in the timing of this discovery. Common friend… Synchronicity

    1. Hello Vicki, I have not heard of Frederick Buechner. That is quite surprising he used white pitchers as a metaphor as well. I believe God puts people on the same path and although we don’t always know why, I think this time it is quite clear (smile). I send hugs and prayers as you focus on your next chapter. Fondly, Katherine

  2. Yes! I have let go of a lot of tangible things, but I still need to let go of some negative feelings, regrets, things out of my control, etc. And, I just got my first white pitcher a few weeks ago, on Mother’s Day! I had told my daughter I wanted to put flowers in a white pitcher, so she surprised me with one. 🙂 xo

    1. Pam how wonderful that your daughter surprised you on Mother’s Day with such a thoughtful gift. My sweet friend, letting go is never easy, but it can be done. I promise xo

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