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  1. I went to a very small school in a rural area. One of my favorite memories is playing Hopscotch with some of my friends. I just recently remembered this and played a game of it with my oldest Granddaughter.

  2. prayers for one of God’s spiritual warriors. May He continue to watch over you in grace as you recover, and may the Lord serve as your companion of virtue while you recuperate.

    may the blessings of God’s love abound in your life at home

  3. I just had hip replacement at age 78 a week ago and am recovering well
    So sending prayers for healing and comfort to your mom.

  4. Hi Katherine, Prayers for you mum as she undergoes hip replacement surgery and recovery and those darn physical therapy exercises that are a must for a speedy recovery! xo laura in colorado

  5. That’s a beautiful prayer Katherine! I shared it and wish the best for your mom today – and for you as you wait to see her afterward and help her recover. Lots of love, my friend!

  6. Oh, sweetie, I know this mom pain. My mom fell years ago and broke her hip and had surgery. A few months afterward was my brother’s wedding and Mom was determined to walk the aisle without a walker. And she did! I know your mom will be just as determined to get back in the swing of things after she’s gone through rehab. Praying in agreement with all that is on your heart for her. And may the Lord bless you both with a special touch of His presence. ❣️

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