1. Hi Katherine,
    These apples look great! I have eaten American apples and they are really lovely. Take care and have a good Wednesday.

  2. I eat at least two apples a day, Katie, sometimes more. So far, they’ve kept the doctor away. Happy Wordless Wednesday to you!

  3. I love your pictures. What has happened to Wordless Wed? Do you know if it has moved. It’s very hard to find anyone still participating in it. Doylene

  4. Love those apples, so beautiful.

  5. What is it about Apples…??? They always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside: )

  6. I love a nice, crisp, juicy apple!

  7. Wow, these apples are beautifully and artistically captured! Just lovely!

  8. High-five, bite and crunch, crunch…. Eye’s smiling and wide, with head knodding!!!

  9. Love yours in B&W too!

  10. They look tasty. My Sweet Husband would make them into a “German Apple Pancake”. I especially like the photo that is partially black and white.

  11. Jodi Hall says:

    I love apples, im going to make some candy apples this weekend! :)

  12. You have a very comprehensive website Katherine. Looks like you have a comprehensive business? Hope it works well for you – Dave

  13. Green – I bet they are tart!

  14. Looks delicious! I just saw your post of the caramel apples with the spider webs! Very Cute ideas. I think we are going to try those for Halloween!

  15. They look delicious and love the selective coloring edit.

  16. Yum! Love apples and your beautiful pics 😉

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