1. andrea cammarata says:

    YUMMY!!!! could go for one RIGHT now with my hot second cup of coffee!!!! : ) ah that would be nice…i can smell it now! sending morning hugs and wishes for a picture perfect day!!!

  2. Those are full of blueberries! Yum! I’ll bet they smell heavenly.

  3. Yum! :)

  4. YUM! I wish blueberries weren’t so expensive right now!

  5. Um . . . YUM! Gluten free, though . . . have overdone it on the goodies this week and am feeling it . . . arugh!

  6. OOOH, love blueberry muffins! I made some last week and they were just the perfect thing to warm my tummy! Happy Wednesday to you! xo

  7. Yummy!!

  8. YUM!

  9. Thank you, Katie. They look yummy.

  10. I would love to have one of those. They look so good and so filled with berries.
    They remind me of my grandfather. He loved them and would love it when my mother would bake them for him fresh.

  11. oh my… they look so yummy! i think i may make some for breakfast tomorrow morning! thanks for the inspiration – you are wonderful, katherine!!!! hope your Christmas was wonderful! it’s been busy around here — children home for 2 weeks so we are just “playing!” :)

  12. Those look so yummy! I made a blueberry coffee cake 😉

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