Saturday Installation

This past weekend was a busy one, my sweet hubby took a rare weekend off and guess what we did……go ahead…guess….that’s right! You guessed correctly didn’t you? We had to install a new microwave! ( well we made chili too, see below)

We built our lovely home in 2005 and we were hopeful all of the appliances would last at least 10 years. Unfortunately the microwave died. We had a quick funeral for it and then decided we needed a new microwave STAT! Isn’t it funny, it is an essential. I don’t really cook in it. It’s our “warm it up machine”, and official popcorn maker.

So after a quick trip to Lowes we started the project.

After removing the old microwave we realized just how poorly it was installed, big holes and nothing was mounted on any studs.

Fortunately I have my own stud and he made sure the new microwave was installed correctly.

























It started snowing Yea!!




























Taa Daa!!!!







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  1. andrea cammarata says:

    looking good my friend! i have the same one : ) a great way to spend the weekend!!!! sending tons of hugs…

  2. Nothing is built to last, like in the old days.

    We couldn’t make it without our microwave either!

  3. Good job!

  4. He did a great job for you, Katie, and your cabinets look exactly like the ones in our kitchen.

  5. Looks good!
    Would he like to install a new stove for me? I’m officially Mr. Unhandy Man.

  6. We’ve never had a microwave, but when we move into our new house, my husbsand want to get one…mainly for Popcorn too!

  7. Eva Ason says:

    Looks very nice – Good job!

  8. Hooray for hubbies everywhere!

  9. Nancy @ A Rural Journal says:

    We have a microwave that has a dial on it — it just won’t quit after many years. It’s brown. :)

    What a great job your hubby did — looks wonderful and matches your range so well.

  10. Hi Katherine. The microwave looks great – hubby did a great job! Our washing machine broke down recently, and the Engineer said that electrical goods are only made to last for five years now. I can remember when people used to have the same fridge or hoover for the whole of their married life!!

  11. Looks great. Your stud did a great job!

  12. Jodi Hall says:

    Looks great! :)

  13. Isn’t is wonderful to have such handy helpful husbands!! Mine is the same way and we couldn’t survive without all the work he does. Your new microwave is beautiful. It is a sad shame that things are not built to last like in the past. Happy Warm Hugs…

  14. I’m impressed. My husband would never tackle that! Our house is just 5 years old and our washer already had $600. in repairs and we are concerned that something is going wrong with our water heater. Our last house we had we lived in there for 17 years without any repairs to anything!!!

  15. Very cool! It looks so nice. And congrats on snow!!

  16. Isn’t it nice to have a great handyman for a hubby? I have my ex-hubby who is my amazing handyman, a son-in-law, and my son, as well…and they all excel in just about every work around in, and outside of the house.
    Your hubby did a great job hanging the new microwave, and making sure it’s secure:DDD
    Katie- I will try to link up with you this Thursday…don’t know why it didn’t upload last week!

  17. How wonderful to have a handy hubby who can do those things for you.

  18. Doesn’t it feel great to get stuff done! Congrats on your new microwave!


  19. Does he make housecalls – LOL! We are having to redo our kitchen after a water leak damaged the lower cabinets. I am excited and dismayed all at the same time. The timing is never right for something like this!
    Enjoy your new warm-up machine…giggle!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  20. Katherine, we built our home in 2004 and our basement kitchen microwave stopped working about a year later… still is installed just wasting space! I think it is about time we do a little project like this as well! Congratulations on getting your’s done :)

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