I Wanted To Be Cher

I Wanted To Be Cher

cher album half breedDo you remember the Sonny and Cher comedy hour? Oh how I loved watching that show. With it being tid bit Tuesday it’s the perfect time to say…..

tid bit tuesday I wanted to be Cher! I was tall and very thin and I had  long hair. But…. I couldn’t and still can’t, carry a tune in a bucket. That doesn’t stop me from singing out loud though. Sorry to all those who are ever within hearing distance. I really wanted to be her. I even imagined what it would be like to be married to someone who was a foot shorter than I was.

I loved her style, her attitude, her amazing voice ( I still do). One of the first albums I ever bought with my own money was Half Breed By Cher in 1973. The album cover is a bit faded and the grooves in the record show wear, but I still have it! I have been a lifetime fan.

My sweet husband took me to see her in concert in 2005. I had a fever and the flu, my pockets were stuffed with tissues. But I still enjoyed every second between sneezes. Cindi Lauper was her opening act and she knocked our socks off too. Probably not a good idea when you have the flu to go without socks.

Now that I am older I appreciate her talents even more. She is an amazing singer, actress, comedian and an author too. I no longer want to be her, as I am happy with who I am. My days of being starstruck are long gone. But, I still think it would be lovely to sit and have tea with her ( yes I think she enjoys tea). She is living an extraordinary life. Did you read her book, The First Time? Yes I have that too.

Did you have a favorite celebrity when you were young?

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  1. Ah Hah!!! Got you thinking of the Sonny and Cher show didn’t I??? lol
    I loved it too!
    Someone I just cannot picture Cher drinking a cup of tea though!

  2. I am with you as a fan of Cher! Went to her last Brisbane concert and sung my lungs out – and like you I can’t carry a tune for quids. But when anyone ever makes a comment (usually rude) about my singing I do ask them about the last time they had their ears checked – I am positive it is their ears that has the problem, not my singing!!! It always sounds identical to Cher when I join in…J

  3. have not watched that for a long time.

  4. I am a bit younger, but I grew up watching re-runs of the Sony and Cher Show with my mom, who loved that show. I had a few celebrities that I loved, but nothing that sticks out like that. By the way, I am with you and can’t carry a tune unfortunately for anything!!

  5. Loved, loved, loved that show – Cher’s talents are endless – her comedic timing on the show was flawless. And the costumes, oh, the costumes. Thank you, Bob Mackie!

    They don’t make tv or stars like that any more!! Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Katie.

  6. I loved Cher! I have always thought she was an amazing personality. She is a strong woman and I have always admired her for that. I loved all the wild skimpy clothes too 😉 My husband took me to see her in concert about 15 years ago and it was fantastic! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I think I’ll go and listen to Gypsies Tramps and Thieves :)

  7. You are too modest about your singing, dear Katie. Izzy told me you can hit high notes that only he can hear! (LOL) I watched Sonny and Cher’s TV series and always enjoyed their unique chemistry and impeccable comedic timing. Their show redefined cool. Remember their ongoing V-A-M-P sketch? I was impressed by Cher’s versatility and adaptability. As tastes in music changed and changed again she maintained her credibility as an artist and won new generations of fans. Sonny was a key figure in the burgeoning West Coast music scene of the 60s, working in the studio with Phil Spector and others to produce many of the hits we know and love. A friend of mine saw Cher perform in Vegas a year ago and loved her. Have a happy Tidbit Tuesday, dear Katie!

  8. Not sure if i had a favorite really, but liked all Bruce Willis movies. Before that Mr Dressup comes to mind LOL

  9. Every time I looked at Cher’s tall, slender body I knew I’d never be Cher. I’m built very close to the sidewalk. I loved that show too. I would wait all week to see what outfit she was going to come up with next.

  10. I wanted to be Helen Hunt. Hehe. I first saw her in this sad, but moving movie called “Project X” with Matthew Broderick. I was nine years old and wore the same clothes, did my hair the same way and wanted to work with animals for a long time after seeing that movie. :)

  11. I loved the Sonny and Cher show! I have never seen her in concert, but..I love to watch her concerts on my living room flat screen, they are awesome!

    My favorite celebrity / crush was David Cassidy on The Partridge Family. =) I watch the reruns on TV now, and still think he is cute! =)

  12. I like that she has always maintained her sense of humor.

  13. Marla Martenson says:

    I used to love that show too! Loved the skits. I also wanted to be a singer, but can’t sing either.. My dear husband let me sing La Vie En Rose once at the piano bar when the only people left were our friends. e had practiced it the day before in is studio. Our wonderful all clapped and smiled, but afterwards he said, “honey, that was terrible.” I said, “I know, but at least I tried.” LOL

  14. Stopping by from the Hop.

    I like Cher but I didn’t grow up with her.
    I did however grow up with Mariah Carey. I so wanted to be her. Her curly hair, her HUGE voice. She was just beautiful…! I I wanted to dress like her. I too, would sing in the bathroom thinking I was her.


  15. I wanted to be the Bionic Woman. :)

    Glad you got to see Cher in concert, I bet it was really good.

  16. Haha..use to LOVE that show!

  17. Deborah says:

    How awesome to see her in person. My father managed a movie theatre in Chicago and had them on stage once when they were first starting out. Barry Manilow was one of my favorites and I have seen him several times in person. It’s such a thrill!

  18. I wanted to be Cher too. My younger sister & I used to play Sonny & Cher. I always made her be Sonny cuz she was shorter and had short hair. I was ten in ’73 and Half Breed was the first record I ever bought. In high school when I had to write a paper on the woman I admired the most Cher was the first person that came to mind. My teacher wasn’t impressed – he thought Eleanor Roosevelt was a better choice. I never saw her in concert, but think I need to read her book for old times sake.

  19. It was Cher for me, too. I still find her fascinating and she looks pretty darned good for a woman of a certain age!

  20. Cher is SO amazing! Love her and her music!

    Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

  21. Theresa says:

    I love Cher too! I saw her in concert in 2004. I brought my grandmother with me and the local news interviewed her. They asked her something along the lines of if she liked Cher. Her response-I use to like her but not so much anymore! My mouth dropped! We had a great time though and definitely have a wonderful memory of going to see Cher with my grandmother!

  22. @somerskys@somerskys says:

    U wont believe it Katherine, but My fav was Cher also!! half breed was my fav song made me feel cool and accepted of my halfbreed status cause it wasnt acceptable to be biracial in the 50’s but I am biracial so Cher made me feel special with her song about being bi-racial.

  23. I am dating myself with this comment, but years and years ago we went to a Sonny and Cher concert…I was amazed of how really “little” she was!!….and beautiful…

  24. I love Cher too. She is just a natural performer. Fabulous in everything she does.

  25. this post made me smile, katherine! i was born in 85 and discovered Cher really late. i think just before high school (around 98). i think she’s one of those celebs that have really aged gracefully. funny thing though, i have memorized her song “believe” by heart after seeing it on mtv. for some weird reason, the song got stuck in my head like it’s hardwired or something. i mindlessly sing/hum it automatically whenever i’m bored/working/thinking like it’s the most natural thing. i honestly have no idea why i do that. my friends and coworkers used to tease me about it but i can’t help it so i just embrace it. it’s a really nice song anyway. :)

  26. Oh I have to comment on this post of Cher. My best girlfriend too is ga ga over Cher and has seen her in concert are you ready? 10 times!!!! You two are soul mates. I do love the girl…just probably not as much as you two☺ Can I tell you, that I adored her in the laundry room skit her and Sonny did on their show every week!!

    Of the subject…Would you be willing to give me the code on how to do the box and the enter email address and button you put at the end of your posts? I want to do this in the worse way☺

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