Get Unplugged

Get Unplugged-

We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things done. To finish the to do lists, to be a great parent, a great partner, a great spouse, great friend , great grandparent,  a great blogger, etc. We kick our own bums , figuratively ( but, if you can manage to do this literally I applaud your flexibility :-) )if we feel we haven’t achieved the aforementioned “greatness”. pitcher of flowers

I know this probably sounds a bit cliche’ and possibly even a bit preachy. But, I sincerely believe happiness makes you great at all of these things already. I know it won’t get your to do list done. But, it will certainly allow you to move things down on the list and get to them later without beating yourself up about it.  Your affirmation for today-  YOU ARE a great ____________, __)____________(fill in the blank/*blanks).

tomatoes ripen on the windowsill

You are also all great bloggy friends. You are, without any pressure at all, GREAT already! Your reflection in the eyes of those of whom you wish to be great, is the perfect pressure release valve.

kitchen sink

Monday’s unplugged day was not planned. Although I am a HUGE planner. Lord knows I love a good plan. The day I had in mind did not happen. But, the day I was blessed with did.

I watched a lovely movie called The Bouquet. the bouquet movie( source) I cried over a beautiful video about a woman who wanted to dance with her Father at her wedding (you can watch it HERE. )

I enjoyed the beauty of the light and shadows in the kitchen. I received many kisses from our loving pet.  Thank you Izzy and I was surprised by my husbands early return home from work, more kisses, yea! Oh how I love that man ♥

flowers in a pitcher

Even though I continued to look at the to do list . By the end of the day I had only managed to accomplish a bit of it. I was okay with that. I did not disparage, I did not hang my head low, I simply moved the items down the list and played with Izzy a bit more. A rousing game of hallway catch with his favorite squeaky bone, soon he was ready for a rest.

doy toyschapso dog sleeping

unpluggedAs I was preparing dinner my sweet hubby shouted out from the other room you are a Great wife, I love you.

Let the pressure off sweet bloggy friends, unplug, it’s good for the soul and when your to do list doesn’t get finished, you know what to do.Forgive my rambling post today, I just wanted you to know …. Did I mention I think you are great?


When was the last time you unplugged?




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  1. I love it and this is why I try my best to unplug on the weekends. It does do the soul so much good!! Have a great weekend now, Katie!! :)

  2. I fully agree with you. Happiness makes greatness. I think you are great, too.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I unplugged. :)

  4. Your post is lovely. I try to unplug and relax on the weekends ( being a Mom of a Special Needs child, I try to grab “my moments” when I can.. ) =)
    I havent watched “The Bouquet” yet, it sounds wonderful!
    Have a wonderful weekend! =)

  5. Great post, you are so right. I probably need to unplug more often. By the way, very cute pup!! Is he a Schnauzer?

  6. What a lovely post, Katherine. You have a wonderful spirit and it shines through your writing. Beautiful photo, too.

  7. Katherine,
    I thank you for this post. Today I was just too tired and busy watching my superhero grandson that I decided I would not post today and this week I chose not to link up to parties but to visit the blogs I like best. I really struggled with what it would “do” to my blog but I know my heath, and my time with my grandson are more important. Thanks for the reminder!
    Have an awesome weekend!
    The Adored Home

  8. So can we call you Katherine the Great?
    I unplugged at the beginning of June. Went on a 4 day fishing trip with 7 pals. No cell phone coverage, no computers, no TV or radio. We did have music on an iPod but just as background ambience. It was a real nice break. In fact it was GREAT!
    PS we did not unplug the fridge that kept our beer cold lol.

  9. This is great advice Katherine! We all need to be reminded of this. Although, I tend to unplug probably more often than not .-)). I don’t have one of those smart phones, so when I go out, I leave the phone behind too.

    And yes, when we are in a state of gratitude, everything becomes clearer and calmer.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  10. I feel like I need to unplug! Maybe I’ll take Sunday off and just hang out in the garden…More like sweat in the garden but that what I love to do.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to unplug this weekend. I had a lot going on this week and I was glued to my phone because of some projects. Today is a beautiful day and I’m going to at least do the whole afternoon unplugged!

  12. I have been a person to take time to enjoy life for a long time. It is really important for you health wise. This is a good post.

    I am visiting with Harvest of Friends.

  13. What an absolutely sweet post. I have The Bouquet in my queue. I’ll have to watch it this weekend. Last weekend, my husband and I took a drive to the mountains. It was THE perfect time to just enjoy love, nature, and getting away from it all. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m dropping by from Our Everyday Harvest’s blog hop. I hope you can stop by.

  14. This post is a much needed post for me. Things have been very busy, in my life. But, I know that with God’s help, I can do all things . Thanks so much!

  15. Lovely post Katie.

    It had brightens up my day. Yea am pretty down these few days. Nice to read this. Most time we plan but its God’s will that lead the way

  16. Yes, Beautiful pictures, gorgeous vase!


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