Onions On The Windowsill

Onions On The Windowsill

You may have noticed the onions drying on the windowsill in my Unplugged post. I love the way the sunlight and shadows look in the morning. It’s a beautiful still life image. I find art in many places. Who would have thought a bowl filled with onions would be so pretty.

onions in bowl

Our garden only has a few onions left in the ground. Next year we plant to plant more of them, they were used and shared quickly. Many are drying in the garden bench outside.I love being able to see their progress through the screened doors.

drying onions

Can you see the onions in there? I’ll open the door for a better look. :-)

onions drying

Onions have a way of telling you when they are ready to be pulled. They tip over and the green tops flop onto the soil. It’s really quite incredible when you think about it. The onions let you know when they are ready to be picked! This one is almost ready.

We still have plenty of green onions left in  the garden. You can see some of them in the background. I use them a lot for cooking and they are great in salads too. Several of our grandchildren are fond of green onions, hard to believe kids like onions, giggle :-) I use green onions instead of chives in recipes too.

when to pick onions

When they are almost ready for eating they end up in a bowl on the windowsill where the skins soon dry and peel away. A reminder of the many layers inside. For those who may wonder if our home smells like onions, I am happy to share that it doesn’t. There really is very little smell at all until you cut them.

onions Do you have onions growing in your garden?

See you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop!

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  1. Wonderful that you grow onions in your garden and loved seeing the progression here. Thanks for sharing Katie. Happy Wednesday!!

  2. No onions, but shallots and garlic which are ready to harvest any day now. I’ll be drying them on an old bench before tucking them into the pantry for the winter. Your onions looks wonderful in and out of the garden bed.

  3. I don’t have any onions in my garden, don’t have a garden! But I do love onions!!!

  4. Great photos! We dont have a garden, but I love “homegrown” vegetables!
    Have a great day!

  5. I don’t, but they’d sure come in handy!

  6. I actually do have onions growing in my garden, but we just planted them this year and I had no idea when to tell when they were ready to be pulled. We just dug up 13 potatos from our garden over the weekend and were so excited about it. Last week we pulled up an onion, but it was not ready at all. I just assume onions need a bit longer. Thanks for this post. The photos are beautiful!

  7. My oldest son needs to grow onions. I swear that boy would eat them on ice cream, he loves them so much!

  8. We don’t have any because no one in my family can eat them, but you sure make them beautiful.

  9. We should try growing some. We get green onions by accident sometimes.

  10. I think this is so cool! I don’t grow any type of vegetables but love to see other peoples “crops”!! So neat!~~Ang

  11. Oh my – we grow a ton of onions! I usually wait until most have flopped over, then knock the rest of the greens down gently with a rake and let them sit a day or two before I pull them and dry them on racks, which can only be done when there’s going to be several rain-free days (I’m always crossing fingers that the forecasters have it right!)

  12. I don’t eat onions (dislike them, and allergic), but these photographs are pretty. :)

  13. Hi Katherine,

    I have a good sized garden, but have never tried onions. I should, I eat them in everything. I didn’t realize they were so easy. We grow a lot of squash, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc. I’m new here at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Thank you for hosting. Kim

  14. I have not planted onions before. Mayve I should give this a try

  15. No I have not but your pics make me want to!!!!
    The Adored Home

  16. I am trying to grow mine in a pot. I love the look of the light from your window.

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