Are You Ready For Some Foodball Recipes

Are You Ready For Some Food Ball, football :-)

Are you ready for some football recipes! Or “foodball” in today’s case. I’m not much of a sports fan but hubby sure is ( college mostly). I love to watch the super bowl commercials though. Aren’t they great! I recently entered a contest to win money for advertising or even a commercial on the super bowl next year ( I have a really fun idea for a commercial). If you have a moment I hope you will vote for me CLICK HERE With football season comes football parties and get together’s. I am sharing some  wonderful goodies to make and share at your next home sporting event.

Chicken Andouille Brats with Hatch Chiles and Avocado Crema

I found these wonderful chicken andouille brats with hatch chiles and avocado crema on pinterest and it led me to Climbing Grier Mountain. A terrific blog  written by Lauren a self-proclaimed foodie, recipe developer, action-adventure seeker, photography lover, and world traveler.


Spinach dip! from our kitchen to yours!

hot spinach dip katherines corner


 These yummy meatball sliders were on pinterest  and I was happy to find it led me to Live Love Pasta. What a great title for a blog. It’s a collaborative effort written by three foodie friends who love to share recipes

Meatball Sliders recipe pictures

How about some soft pretzels and mustard for game days.I enjoy making these on rainy days. I don’t know why I always pick rainy days though.

soft pretzels katherines corner

I started thinking of other things that would be served and then hubby said, ” Nachos and Chili bowls!”These chicken ranch nachos were shared by the lovely Lyuba at Will Cook For Smiles :-) I think these would surely bring a smile or two.

Chicken-Ranch-Nachos 1

My chili recipe is yummy too and served in bread bowls it’s extra special.

bobskatie chili katherines cornerWhen I asked hubby about desserts he snickered and said that’s a woman thing. After I grimaced and gave him a very direct eye-roll I suggested chocolate covered pretzels. He quickly responded “yes they would be great.” I went a step further and suggested chocolate covered strawberries decorated to resemble footballs. He responded with his own eye-roll and an added eyebrow raise. After a moment I reminded him that women enjoy football parties too and he once again conceded to my infinite female wisdom and nodded in agreement. This type of interaction is common at our house and is often followed by ” yes dear” and a big smile. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that man? I do, he is the yin to my yang, the milk to my cookies and the beat of my heart . But I can match him eye-roll to eye roll  any day :-)

strawberry footballs

Unfortunately there wasn’t a link for these creative strawberries on pinterest, but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Chocolate covered pretzels are fun to make any time. I found these shared on pinterest too.  But no link there either. I like the mix of two chocolates and the added sprinkles. chocolate covered pretzels

Which of these will you try?

See you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop!


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  1. I’ll take the things hubby rolls his eyes at, as long as I don’t have to endure any football.

  2. Totally pinning for my husband and thanks for blog hop link, too!! :)

  3. So, did the hubby watch the Monday night game (FSU/Pittsburg) as you were proposing all the food options? Quite a quarterback performance!

  4. All of these look amazing!! We call soccer here football! We watch our soccer, but I’ve not seen American football since I left America many years ago. Sometimes I miss it :) I would most definitely sit down for a game if any of these were being passed around :))) Thank you very much for liking my facebook page, I appreciate it :)) I’ve followed you through bloglovin’ as it’s easier for me to keep up with blog posts :)) Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  5. Those football strawberries are just too cute! Think I will make some of them soon since we love strawberries dipped in chocolate! Well, just about anything dipped in chocolate gets my vote.

  6. They all look wonderful, might try the chicken nachos.

  7. I’m with your husband on this issue. I love sports. And, now you have tempted my tastebuds with lots of yummies. Perhaps I need to watch sports at your house.

  8. Football is the one sport, well, along with soccer that bores me to tears. I’d much rather provide the snacks

  9. I’m not a football all..but I do love the food. I’d probably try them all – but definitely into the nachos and strawberries most!

  10. Love this post! You made me smile about the “eye-rolling” ! =)
    Thanks for hosting the Pinterest Link up party!

  11. I’m always ready for food and football! Don’t think i could talk my wife into making strawberry footballs though.

  12. Around here there is no football without the food! Thanks for the tailgating inspiration!

    Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

  13. I’m definitely ready for some football and I’m dying to make the pretzels!!! Love them!! Thanks for all the tasty treats! ~~Angela

  14. I just found your blog and I love your site! I am also a lover of the football season. It is some quality time I get to spend with my husband. True, he is watching the game and I am usually reading but, at least we are in the same room. :) I am torn between the nacho’s and the pretzels…… I think I will make both. :)

  15. Omg YUM. I plan on doing a lot of cooking for football season this year – going out gets so expensive!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  16. Great food and fun! Thanks for the PIn Party. Best of weekends dear friend. ~ Sharon and Denise

  17. Football is on right now, and those strawberries are GORGEOUS! I want one. We have no strawberries in the house, so I have to wait. :) Thanks for the share!

  18. These are all great to serve at the party!
    Thank you for including my nachos, Katherine!


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