Holiday Yarn Crafts

Holiday Yarn Crafts

how to make a yarn angelThese simple and adorable holiday yarn crafts are perfect for creating with your little ones. I have been making yarn dolls since I was a little girl. My Mother and I would make them using scraps of yarn. They are a sweet addition to your holiday decorations, added to your tree and tied to gifts.

how to make a christmas yarn angel

These little Christmas hats are meant  to be used as bottle toppers. A  whimsical way to add a little Christmas cheer to an unopened bottle of wine or a bottle of infused olive oil. Perfect when you present it as a hostess gift or just place it on your holiday table or buffet. Unfortunately I didn’t have any wine and I buy olive oil in very large bottles. So I popped it on the top of a perfume bottle. You can tie them on gifts and add them to your Christmas tree too.

how to make a yarn hat wine bottle topper


christmas yarn craft supplies katherines cornerHoliday Yarn Craft Angel 




card stock

scotch tape

angel wing template click here

Holiday Yarn Craft Wine Bottle Topper


empty toilet tissue roll



 Lets Make It! Cut a piece of card stock to measure 4 x 6. Cut out  the angel wings from the remaining card stock.

Place the yarn on the card holding down one end at the bottom of the card. Begin to wrap until the card is full of yarn, do not wrap to tightly.

Cut a piece of yarn from the skein about 10 inches long and slide it trough the top of the yarn on the card

how to make a yarn angel

Tie a knot and remove it from the card. Smooth the yarn down. Cut another piece of yarn from the skein about 10 inches long and tie it with a knot about an inch down from the top to create the head. Carefully remove from the card. Once again, place  yarn on the card holding down one end at the bottom of the card. Begin to wrap until the card is half full of yarn, do not wrap to tightly, this is for the arms. Cut two pieces of yarn from the skein both about 10 inches long . Tie a knot about half in on both ends. to create the hands.

how to make a yarn angel steps 4 5 6Open the lower part of the angel body and slide the arms through. Cut another piece of yarn about 10 inches in length and tie it just below where you inserted the arms to form the waist.

how to make a yarn angel steps 7 8 9

Cut through the bottom of the looped yarn and trim to create the skirt of the angels gown. Attach the wings to the yarn angel by sewing ( or gluing.) at the center just below the head. cut a thin strip of paper from your scraps of card stock and create a circle ( use a little bit of tape) to use as the halo. Slip it over the yarn ties at the top of the angel head. Taa daa!


how to make a yarn angel steps 10 11 12Now lets Make The Hats!

Cut a slice ( cardboard ring) from the toilet tissue roll about 1/2 inch wide. Cut about 40 pieces of yarn from the skein each about 10 inches long.

Fold  a piece of yarn in half and slip it through the cardboard ring. Pull down both ends through the yarn loop and tighten ( not to tight) continue adding more yarn working slowly around the loop until it is completely covered ( make sure no cardboard is showing).

how to  make a yarn bottle topper steps 1 2 3

When you have covered the entire ring with yarn,smooth the yarn out towards the top. how to make a yarn hat bottle topperCut a piece of 10 inch yarn from the skein and tie a knot about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the hat ring. Using scissors trim the excess yarn to form a fluffy pom pom. Taa daa, again!

how to make a yarn hat bottle topper steps 7 8


wine bottle topper

I hope you will enjoy making these holiday yarn crafts .it may be something fun to do when the young ones are on Thanksgiving holiday. perhaps it will help you avoid hearing those dreaded words,” we’re bored” giggle :-)

 Will you give these easy family friendly crafts a try?

You can still link up to yesterdays blog hop.  Have a great weekend everyone ♥

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  1. So pretty…I remember making these when I was younger, it was a lot of fun :))) Happy Friday doll xx

  2. These look so very easy and something I couldn’t even mess up (craft challenged sometimes here that I am). But seriously thanks for sharing and totally would love to try. Have a great weekend now!! :)

  3. I will definitely be sharing this with my granddaughters! I used to make these along time ago and forgot how so now I can share this project. Thank you!!

  4. We used to do the dolls in red yarn. As kids, we loved making them and putting on packages and the tree. I like your wings and halo add-ons. I need to check my yarn stash!

  5. Petro Neagu says:

    I will definitely try the angel for the 2 little girls in my family, my daughter and niece.
    Thanks Katie, they look very cute and elegant.


  6. Oh did you bring back memories!!!…I think this will be a great project to do with my granddaughter!

  7. I love these, they are so sweet. And wonderful for gift giving!

  8. I never made the yarn dolls, but I had a little Raggedy Andy doll made like the Christmas Angel. Actually, I still have him … 70 years after I got him. Now I think I will make some for my granddaughters.

  9. Those are sweet Katherine. I use to make them as a child.

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