Shop Spotlight My Artsy Baby

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Shop Spotlight My Artsy Baby

The Independent artists shop spotlight continues with today’s’ guest Molly from  My Artsy Baby . Many of you already know here from her blog Just A Little Creativity. Molly is a self taught artist who opened her shop MyArtsyBaby in April of 2008 when she was pregnant with her fifth child, Isaac. She named her wonderful shop “on a whim. and it works well with the products from her shop, so she will keep it.

my artsy baby



Molly says-

“I think I’ve been an artist all my life. Whether it was for Barbie when I was a kid, or high school art and design classes, as gift for baby showers for friends, and finally to my own business. I’ve always been creating for something or someone. ”

I was looking for a unique mobile to hang above his crib, and I knew I wanted something that wasn’t babyish. A friend of mine in Nashville recommended searching Etsy, which I’d never heard of at the time. While I was there, browsing through all things for baby, I had that “I can make this” realization. I had already been painting for my friends baby showers, so why not try to sell it as a hobby and add a little extra cash to the household income. And so, MyArtsyBaby was born, four months before my real baby was born.

custom canvases  molly dolls


I love the opportunity to meet new customers from around the world. Because most of my orders are for personalized art, I get to hear some very original and unique names, and I enjoy chatting with my customers to hear the story behind the names. I like that I am creating a piece of art for someone that is most precious in their lives, so when I hear feedback from that that they love what I’ve created, it makes my day.


While I can create lots of types of art, I most love whimsical childlike art and creative spaces, so I knew that was the direction I wanted to take my shop. Growing up you could never find my name on anything personalized, and my daughter’s name is the same way. So, I wanted to provide a shop where parents could have art made and personalized no matter what their child’s name is.

jungle jacana chart 4skateboarder growth chartwoodland critter growth chart

I do my best creative thinking late at night. Weird right? Unfortunately, that’s not the most ideal time to actually BE creative, so I’ll have a thought or an idea and half to shelf it until the kids are at school the next day. I do my work during school hours and put it away as soon as they get home. Unless I’m under a serious deadline, I’m off of Etsy while the family is home. We converted a double car garage a few years ago into two spaces- one of them becoming my “art room” as the family calls it.

molly my art studio 1  molly my art studio 2

Time management. And the fact that I’m the only one working for me. If I get sick, we go on vacation, etc. there is no one to be keeping up with orders while I take a break, which can put me behind. I’ve learned to stop working when the kids get home, or we all get stressed. I’ve also learned to set order deadlines for holidays like Christmas. And, although I may miss sales, I even put my shop on Summer Vacation when the kids are home for the Summer.super hero snowmen

I love blogging at It’s become my second hobby/business. I also love being with the kids. That ranges from sitting and watching their favorite TV shows or reading books, or going outside and throwing a football with them or riding bikes. I often share exclusive discount codes for MyArtsyBaby on my blog and to my followers there, so be sure to check it out.

What a wonderful shop Molly has. I am enjoying sharing all of the talented artists and their shops with you in this series. If you know anyone who should be in the spotlight please contact me.

You can also find Molly onTwitterFacebookPinterest–  too.


Times running out for the giveaways my friends.

See you tomorrow for a very special surprise post! ♥



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  1. Love those little figurines, those are precious!! Have a wonderful day my dear xx

  2. Yay! This looks great, thanks so much for the feature, I love it! :)

  3. Her shop items are so cute! =)
    Im going over to look at her blog and shop.

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