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  1. YUM! I love potatoes! It’s always nice as a vegan to come across meatless mondays! 😀
    Well done. Hopefully you can turn that meatless monday into meatless always. 😛 haha

    😀 craving it now! hehe

    1. Kristy, we eat a lot of veggies. I was a vegetarian for about 12 years when I was younger. We still don’t eat much met. I hope you’ll stop by on Mondays for more meatless recipes. You can find more veggies recipes at too

  2. Those potatoes look delicious, and the recipe is easy–my kind of recipe!

    Odie sent me here, I changed my header picture on my blog today and lost the title of my blog…I can get the title on there but then the picture gets huge and you can only see the corner of the picture. What can I do?

    I also want to make a “button” for a blog theme day called “Tuesday Tea Talk” I have a picture picked out, just don’t know how to go about getting a picture I’d use every Tuesday with that title on it?!

    One of my daughters is named Katherine….one of my favorite names. I also used to be an Avon lady too!

    Any help you could give me, I’d really appreciate!

  3. We observe meatless mondays too usually, but we’re starting the Dukan Diet this week, so looks like we might be taking a wee hiatus from MM’s for a while until we get to the stage of our diet where we can eat regular meals.

    Potatoes look yummy though!

  4. Hello Katie,
    It’s so easy to follow and cling so delicious!
    It will be my plan for our dinner tonite..
    Thanks for sharing, Katie. Happy Easter to you !

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