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  1. I’m not a pink fan so I decided to respond to something that’s not your favorite and not my favorite – SEE we have something in common. I hate ironing too! When I went to meet my in laws for the first time I wasn’t married yet. My husband and I slept in separate rooms. I don’t remember where I was putting my dirty clothes. They certainly weren’t visible (I don’t think). We came back to the house one day and all my stuff had been washed and ironed. And I SWEAR my underwear looked pressed. I was horrified but gracious but HORRIFIED! She only irons my sons stuff now but I’ll still make sure my underwear is very hidden 😉

  2. My number 1 is Dusting and 2 is Drying the dishes- I’d rather let them air dry. I guess I don’t have a number 3, but I do like to iron, the steam is good for the complexion, ha ha. Oh, wait number 3 is vacuuming.

  3. I don’t buy clothes that need to be ironed. I taught my husband and kids how to use the iron and ironing board and told them very clearly, “I do not iron.” My grandmother was like your mother, ironed everything! I would prefer to not cook most of the time if I could get away with it, but people have to eat. My husband says I’m a good cook, but I don’t enjoy doing it. Dishes! That’s the third and worst, because it never ends. Maybe that’s why I don’t like cooking, because it just makes more dishes to wash.

  4. Oh no, please don’t hate me. I kindof like doing house work. My kids can’t understand it. I love putting my hands in warm water. ( which you can sure tell, they suffer because of it), and don’t mind dusting at all. Really though, I hardly ever iron. I send hubbies shirts out, and what little of mine that needs ironed I just do it when I need it. My mother didn’t require for us girls to do too many chores growing up. She did however make us iron our own clothes. Must admit, I didn’t like doing it. Oh I did think of one thing I don’t care to do. Cleaning the blinds. Usually only do it twice a year and don’t love it.

  5. Hmmm, along with iron, I had better list starching shirts. I make a solution and dunk them, let them dry, sprinkle and iron. Uggh! Probably cleaning the stove is no. 3. Yuck! Mine used to “clean itself” but it’s too ancient to do it now…that button broke!

  6. Ironing is up there, along with cleaning the bathroom. Haven’t thought about #3 yet. I am sure I will next time I do it. 🙂

  7. My mother also ironed everything but back then you had to since permanent press was not an everyday thing.
    I don’t iron much anymore but don’t mind it.
    I dislike cooking as it is hard for just one person.
    I don’t like washing the kitchen floor or cleaning out the refrigerator.

    1. Top three chores I dislike the most…That’s easy…Scrubbing the tub, clearing the dishwasher and putting the laundry away. Funny, I like doing laundry, it’s the putting it away I don’t like…Hee, hee, hee. Have a wonderful day.

      Hugs and Kisses,

  8. The cleaning of tile floors never ends. I iron right before I wear something.
    My husbands shirts are done at the cleaners.

  9. Oh ironing, yes that is probably number 1 in my top three least favorites. How adorable was your mom having music and taking dancing breaks!
    My other two are taking out the trash (but then I have boys that I make do that) and.. OH actually this is my number 1 hated chore… the kitty litter… ewww, I would iron all day before actually wanting to deal with that. Too bad I love the kitty too much to let it go.

  10. I can’t stand: Dishes, laundry, and ironing. LOL. In that order. My grandma irons everything and tries to get me to do the same. While I admit some things are best ironed such as shirts, slacks, skirts, etc., I draw the line at some stuff. She irons jeans, socks, pillow cases, sheets, anything that can be washed she irons. But I also find once I do get into the groove of these detested chores I don’t mind them as much and I love the sense of accomplishment I get when they are all done. Thanks for visiting my blog btw! I have really enjoyed yours and look forward to more. 🙂

  11. Ironing
    Cleaning the bathroom

    They are the pits for me! I remember my mother ironing all day too. She had an old glass soda bottle with a plastic top with holes in it where she would sprinkle water on the clothing to create steam. Boy am I dating myself aren’t I? Then she thought it was time for me to learn. Nooooo. I tried to hide but she always found me.

  12. I don’t mind ironing. I’m just not very good at it. 🙂 I dislike vacuuming. It’s the noise that bothers me. Housework is not my favorite unless I listen to music and dance around while I vacuum. he he


  13. I hate unloading the dishwasher, mowing the grass and scrubbing the kitchen floor. I could live the rest of my life without ever having to do those chores again. 🙂

  14. My wife hates it so much, she doesn’t iron. If I want a shirt ironed, I do it myself.
    Worst chores? Dishes, clothes, and garbage – they are never ending. But topping that list is mowing the lawn! One of these I’m installing Astro Turf.

  15. Ironing is not my favorite either, but I have to do it with all of my sewing to have it be finished and polished.

    I hate cleaning the refridgerator, the stove and the shower.

  16. I love a crisply ironed shirt for me and the husband, but I refuse to pay over $3.00 to send it to the cleaners. I can do a better job, even though I absolutely hate ironing! I think it all stems from my having to do it as one of my teenage years chores. Geez, we even ironed blue jeans back then! Yikes…. So today when I iron a week’s worth of dress shirts (okay, I confess- sometimes it’s 2 weeks worth….), I set up in front of the big screen and watch everything and anything I can to keep me distracted from the dreaded chore! LOL
    I also hate to unload the dishwasher-don’t know why. I beg the husband to do it or I just grab things out of it when I need them. How weird!

  17. oh no! i like ironing! instant gratification…and I can listen to motivational tapes or watch the cooking shows! I once mistakenly put kool aide where the water was supposed to go and my husband smelled like cotton candy!!

  18. Top three chores ~ hmmm ~ can I just put “house cleaning” and then it includes everything?? I think I need a maid. Haha! Ironing is certainly within my top 3. Thankfully, I do not buy many items that need to be ironed so I really only have to iron perhaps twice a year. No really. I think I have 2 shirts that need ironing. So they only get worn twice a year. LOL!

    Dusting is in my top 3 and cooking is too. Hate cooking. Love eating. 😉

    Wishing you a happy week Katherine!
    xo Catherine

  19. I dislike dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning tubs! Thankfully I have a husband whose very trainable! LOL I haven’t cleaned an oven…thanks to him…since about 1985!! ^_^

  20. I used to sit on the stairs and watch my mother ironing in the basement, Katie. Your post reminded me that mothers in those days typically ironed everything including sheets, towels and socks. I think my mother even ironed the ironing board! (LOL) Everything goes better with music and that includes mundane tasks. I would rather iron than clean the oven and I don’t really mind mopping tile floors. I would say that I most dislike any chore that requires me to bend over or get down on hands and knees to scrub.

  21. I haven;t ironed in over 15 years!! lol!! I buy generic febreeze at the dollar store and hang my clothes on the shower rod at night, spray them with the febreeze, swipe the wrinkles out and all dry and ready to go in the morning! :):):):):):):):)

    But along the same line… my least favorite chore is folding clothes and putting them away! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  22. I love Judith’s reply! LOL!! I actually don’t mind ironing, but I hate changing the beds. Probably because I’m fairly short and when changing our kingsize bed, trying to put the fresh duvet cover on the quilt (especially the heavy winterweight one!) almost takes me over! Hate it! Cleaning the insides of the windows I could do without as well! (The window cleaner cleans the outside ones). x

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