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  1. Sorry I have been MIA lately…..everyone tried cramming two months’ worth of activities into two weeks, but school is out now, and I could not be happier! YAY!!!


    Enjoy your weekend!

    PS I wish I could teach Bonnie how to pick-up and put away her puppy toys!

  2. I use to pick up toys all day long after my children. I would also do that with my dogs but my Skye leaves her toys everywhere I leave them there too! I smile when I walk through the house and sometimes trip along the way 🙂

  3. My house looks like that, probably doggier! Your pup is adorable, and obviously you adore him. My nearly 3 yr. old shitzu is my best friend who amuses and delights me, too. His name is Guy.

  4. That’s a cute trail leading to the couch! I actually have a cat toy box in my family room. Now, if I could only teach Maeve to put the toys away when she is done with them! ~ Maureen

  5. The first picture looks so much like my house. My pup loves to dump his entire toy box contents on the floor and place them here, there and everywhere. Following you from Ruby for Women. Come by and post your blog to our WW blog hop 🙂

  6. Oh my I thought it was poop too, but had to look closer. Our dog is a collie, and they aren’t interested in toys, they are working dogs and take their protection duties seriously. Kinda glad we don’t have dog toys everywhere.

  7. What’s a few toys on the floor for something so adorable! At least it’s not poop, which I thought it might be from the dashboard.

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