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  1. Yikes! Do you stil have all of your fingers and toes? Actually, it sounds fun and I am so happy you got to experience it!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  2. So true, I was out to prove how fearless I was! Once I swam really far offshore and tread water for an hour and a half. After about 45 minutes the lifeguard boarded out to see what I was doing and I told him I just wanted to see how long I could tread water. He asked me why I wasn’t concerned about the sharks and barracuda that are often out that far, so I promised that I wouldn’t hurt them as long as they left me alone. The lifeguard went back to shore but kept his binoculars on me often.

  3. Since I was extremely near-sighted, swimming in lakes or oceans was terrifying to me as a youngster…..what could be lurking below me, that I couldn’t see? LOL I do enjoy swimming in the ocean now.
    However, I was quite fearless riding hunters and jumping the fences. After all, my glasses were firmly in place and I could see where I was going! Haha!

  4. Very impressive! Do you miss the ocean since you’re out west? I’ve been fearless in other ways, never got that close to a real shark.

  5. Danger is my middle name, Katie! (LOL) I pretended to be Superman, only I used towels instead of sheets. My cousins had a large tractor tire inner tube and we took turns curling up inside it and letting the others roll us down a hill. I loved to swing as high as possible and sled down the steepest slopes. I body surfed in the ocean for hours at a time and never gave a thought to sharks. I yearned for the biggest waves to come along so that I could test my skill and courage riding them all the way to shore. Sometimes a wave caught me the wrong way and planted me in the sand with a mouthful of salt water but I always bounced back up and hurried out to catch the next one. At some point most of us become more cautious but it’s still exciting to push the envelope now and then, isn’t it? Happy Tid Bit Tuesday, dear friend!

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