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  1. Hi Katherine, just read this post! I wanted to tell you I’m totally bilingual (English + Spanish, and I’m actually writing a blog in both languages, that’s of Spanish America
    The main idea is to privide informational articles that can serve as practice for learners of English and learners of Spanih, or anyone who just wants to keep up the language!

    Maybe you could tell your followers about this? I read several comments by people who could be interested.

    By the way, nice post, and I love the decor on your blog pages, the colors, the art, etc. all are beautiful! Have good day!

  2. I would love to be fluently bilingual, but I am not. I am about like how you mention here -with being able to translate some things and mostly read and write or have small conversations in French. I keep saying I am going to get back to learning more of it! I also have had a few friends from other countries, and so I can say little phrases in say German, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish. Just little bits of those though (like good day, good morning, what’s up, Hi, how are ya, etc.). I find other accents, cultures, and languages fascinating though!

  3. I do speak Japanese, but I don’t think I can have conversation with Japanese high-school girls. They are always creating new words I don’t understand 😀

  4. I took french all through elementary school and can’t remember more than 3 or 4 words. Could it be because the one phrase (that I can’t write in french but remember the teacher saying offten) is shut your mouth?

  5. Hi Katherine; I was born in Germany and speak German, plus some French, a little Italian, (thanks to Hubby), and a smattering of Spanish. Read an article once that said bilingual people were less prone to Alzheimer’s. Here’s hoping! I would love to learn Greek, because we are going there this Sept, to celebrate our 40th anniversary, (a Bucket List wish – woohoo!), but, this old brain is having trouble with that one. LOL Hope to at least, memorize a few handy phrases.

  6. I am fascinated by language. I have one. Well two if you count baby talk. LOL. I can understand a little Spainish. I read it better than I can speak. I don’t like to speak. Too much Texan. The boys we work with laugh at me. Most are hispanic. Very fascinating; you should hone up on your past talent. That is really cool.
    Have a wonderful day. I am thinking of staying cozy by the fire it is raining here. And the dog got a haircut yesterday. She will probably be shivering! Poor baby!

  7. I can understand a bit in a couple other languages, But not very much. My husband can talk about 4-5 languages though! I did a post on my site to about tid bit Tuesday!

  8. All English here but can speak 1 word in German, Spanish, and French.
    I know more in sign language then I can speak different languages.

  9. I speak Spanish and actually teach it when I’m not blogging about photography and art. But, it’s hard to maintain it because no one around me speaks it, haha. It’s nice to know another language, though…you can help a lot of people. 🙂

  10. Es tut mir leid, Katie, but I am not fluent in any languages… including English. (LOL) I took a couple years of German in school and only remember a few words and phrases like that one (“I’m sorry”). I also took a little Spanish but forgot nearly all of it. However, I’ll be in good shape if I’m ever in a restaurant south of the border and wish to order two cups of black coffee, good and hot: “dos cafes negros bien calientes.” I often wish I would have learned French.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; may He let His grace shine upon you and be gracious to you; may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-6:26 NIV Hugs from Katherine

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