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  1. My heart goes out to the souls of those killed, those bereaved, those injured and to all who feel the fear of terrorism when it is in their own back yard. My thanks go out to the emergency services and the bystanders who help when called upon.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
    Jimi Hendrix

  2. My prayers as well. My heart just breaks for those families, those responders and our nation as a whole.

  3. Sending up prayers. May they all feel the warmth and love of these prayers during their time of need.

  4. Prayed when i first saw this yesterday, for sure prayer works, i know how hard it is to understand weird SUDDEN tragedy but PRAYER from the hearts of so many of our bloggy friends, Katherine will really really help them even if the victims, injured ppl, hurt in the soul ppl hurt in the mind ,pplof Boston, dont know those who prayed for them. They will sense it and feel it, prayer wraps the hurting in a cocoon of warmth and hope.

  5. It’s all too much – and soul destroying – all of it…………….
    We’re not over Newtown yet and now this.
    Joining you in prayers

  6. Very sad, I read about the little boy whose leg was simply blown off right in his dad’s presence, praying for his family and all others too.

  7. Hi Katherine,

    It is such a sad time in our nation. My husband’s cousin works at the hospital in Boston. Prayers go out to all those touched by this terrible tragedy.

  8. Tragic! So sad and my prayers go out to all involved, those helping the hurt, and praying insight for those trying to figure out who is responsible!

  9. I know Katherine … The biggest thing in seeing this on TV was people of all walks of life…. Not just family and first responders- but everyone there was rushing to help- pull fencing and debri away and to get help there …. That us what Americans really are about…. It’s too bad the world couldn’t know us for what we really are- instead of what some perceive us to be….prayers and support to all……

  10. I’m originally from New England and I was horribly saddened by what happened. Everyone was there enjoying the long holiday weekend and having so much fun. It is beyond my comprehension that someone can hold so much hate to kill and maim strangers.

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