May 28 2013

Stuffed Apple Dessert

I’m hanging on to the long weekend for one more day. :-) My lovely sponsor Debbie from Deliciously Inspired is my guest blogger today.-


I am very excited to write a guest post for Katherine’s Corner.
Although I just pulled a pumpkin cake out of the oven that once cooled will be finished off with an almond butter cream frosting, I truly do try to eat healthy most of the time.
 But healthy doesn’t have to be boring; and I strive to translate what I like to bake into what can I make using good ole fashioned ingredients.  So without further ado – here is the Stuffed Apple:  nature’s answer with a little enhancing from me to the cupcake.
These are fast to put together and each one is its own work of art since they can all be “decorated” differently.   I like to keep a plastic container that stores  – raw sunflower seeds, raisins, mini chocolate chips (the darker the better), shredded coconut, chopped or whole nuts and candy sprinkles.  I know the candy sprinkles aren’t really healthy but you use just a few and sprinkles make everything feel like a treat.  This is wonderful project for children to get involved in.
Stuffed Apple Dessert- Katherine's Corner
Stuffed Apples -
Ready to Put It Together:
Apple of Your Choice – If at all possible use organic since apples are highly sprayed with pesticides.
Wash, cut in half, and remove seeds by creating a trench.
This will act as your cupcake.
Nut Butter (I use almond butter)  Peanut Butter will work but peanuts are not nuts.
Spread a bit onto each half of the apple.
This will act as the frosting.
Now you are ready to decorate from the items listed above and can even add some fresh fruit.
Easy to do and delish too, thank you Debbie. :-)
Well my bloggy friends what will you be putting in your apple?
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  1. Janine Huldie

    Look so good and yummy. totally pinned to try. Thanks so much for sharing, Debbie. And Katie, you hang onto the weekend for one more day and enjoy it!! :)

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Hi Janine,
      You are very welcome. Let me know if you try and what you think.
      Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  2. Betty Manousos

    omg, this looks great and so delicious! thanks so much for sharing.:)

    have a great week ahead~

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thanks Betty for your sweet comment about the Stuffed Apple. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Have a great day.
      Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  3. julia akinmade

    Such a creative and healthy alternative that I am looking forward to trying! Thanks!

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Hi Julia,
      Thank you for the kind words – would love to hear back from you once you try an apple fixed this way.
      Debbie-Deliciously Inspired

  4. Lisa Nelson

    I have never heard of such. So interesting. I’m pinning! I think the kids would love it!

    It’s so pretty and unique. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Whoo Hoo – my recipe has been pinned. Lisa, I hope your children enjoy getting many amazing nutrients without needing to think about eating something healthy.
      Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  5. Dee


    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thanks Dee :)

  6. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

    Seeing this post has inspired me to make one of these beauties this morning to take to work for a yummy treat. Happy Tuesday and thank you for all your kind comments. Thanks again, Katherine, for asking me to contribute.
    Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  7. Melissa B

    This recipe sounds delicious! =)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thanks, Melissa, for your comment. They are pretty tasty.
      Debbie – Deliciously Inspired

  8. Mary-andering Creatively

    Wow, sounds great. Will definitely try this with my Katie Rose. Thanks for sharing today Katherine and Debbie! :)

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      The idea of big and little people eating a healthy snack full of vitamins and protein makes me want
      to do a cartwheel but I’ll contain myself.

  9. Danielle Royalegacy

    This certainly has eye appeal! I can’t keep apples in the house long enough for something like this. Someone seems to bake them up as soon as they are brought home. There is apple pie waiting right now..

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Hi Danielle – I can almost smell the pie baking – yum :)

  10. elisabeth@foodandthrift

    Katie, I hope you had a wonderful, restful, and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Great guest post. Love the yummy, and healthy bites of the apple stuffed with the strawberries and nuts. Love the presentation, and the inviting way to have kids eat their fruit and still have fun with it! xo

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thank you Elizabeth. I think I created it because I’m a kid at heart.

  11. Karena

    Debbie what a fun and delish idea!! Thank for having Debbie guest post Katherine!

    I hope that you will both enter my Giveaway from Segreto Finishes!
    Art by Karena

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Hi Karena,
      Thank you for your comment. I will check your Giveaway out – best wishes with that.

  12. Stacey

    Wow this result is so cute! :] I would make this on my own, or for a babysitting project

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Hi Stacey,
      What a great idea to use as a babysitting project – love that.

  13. BeBetsy

    Great post! Thanks Katherine for sharing it on BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT Tuesday…. BeBetsy Link and Hop xoxo Sharon and Denise

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thanks so much Katherine.

  14. Roz

    What a clever and fresh apple dessert from Debbie! So much talent out there in blogland!

    1. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

      Thanks Roz. I appreciate your sweet comment.

  15. Domesticated Breakdown

    WOW, I want these like NOW
    Found you on Brag about it and so glad I did
    Following on bloglovin

  16. Diane

    Great recipe. It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing at The Gathering Spot this week :) Diane @MamalDiane

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