Watermelon Step Stool Craft

Watermelon Step Stool Craft-

Its time for a bit of craftiness and this fun project will make you dream of summer. It reminds us of hot days, barbecues, picnics and ice cold watermelon. Lets take a big bite out of craftiness with this fun watermelon step stool craft.

BonnieI invited my sweet bloggy friend Bonnie from the Pin Junkie, to share her  wonderful craftiness with us today. Like her blog title declares she loves pinterest. Bonnie is a bloggy Mother and wife and she used to be a school teacher. She uses pinterest to not only inspire her, but to make wonderful changes in her home. Be sure to stop by her blog for a visit and check out her bathroom and laundry room makeovers!


wood projects for beginnersWoodworking projects have always intimidated me.  Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been inspired to try a few and I don’t feel so intimidated anymore!  These are some of the wood projects I’ve done that were inspired by pins on my Pinterest boards.

Today I’m going to show you how I made a super simple and super cute watermelon step stool.  It’s really nice when you can make something out of scrap wood too.  If you make a mistake, you haven’t ruined a big investment in wood.  I made this watermelon step stool out of scrap plywood, but you can use a nicer wood if you choose.  Like the projects above, this watermelon step stool is an easy project for beginners.

watermelon step stool

For this project you will need:


jig saw


wood screws

acrylic paint in green, pink, black, and white

I started by drawing the shapes out on paper first.  You only need to cut two shapes: one for the riser and one for the step.  You’ll need two of each shape.

step stool plans


Then I drew the shapes onto the wood and cut them out with a jig saw.  After I cut out a riser,  I used the cut piece as a template to draw the second riser.  Then I did the same for the step.
watermelon step stool 3
 The risers are relatively easy to cut since they have straight cuts.
watermelon step stool 4
The curved pieces of the steps were a little harder to cut.I sanded the edges of the steps to make them rounded and cover up any imperfections.

Then I pre-dilled holes and used wood screws to attach the steps to the risers.

watermelon step stool 5

When the steps are painted, you won’t see the screws.


Once the steps were attached to the risers, I painted the whole thing green.  When it was dry, I went back and added the pink and white details.  I used a small brush to add the black seeds.  To get the light green paint, I just mixed some white paint to the green and I used a sponge to apply the marks for the watermelon rind.  When the paint was dry, I used a clear sealer to protect it since I used acrylic craft paints.


watermelon step stool 6

If you’ve never made a woodworking project before, I hope you’ll give it a try!

Thank you so much or sharing this wonderful wood working project with us today Bonnie. You sure make this look easy. :-)

Have you ever attempted a wood working project?

See you at the hop tomorrow, you can sign up at 8pm (MST) I can’t wait to see what projects you will be sharing.


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  1. Hmmmm …. a jog saw and a drill.

  2. Love this and really so unique and cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. What a wonderful project Bonnie. I might have to make one of these so I can reach my kitchen cabinets!

  4. Katherine, Thanks so much for inviting me to be a guest on your blog!

  5. I pinned this. Perhaps one day I’ll get the time to do this cause it sure is cute.

  6. I like this very much!!! I haven’t done a craft project in ages, especially a wood craft project! Very inspiring!

  7. This is just too cute. Love it!

  8. So very sweet, I love it xx

  9. unique idea.. but I would also have put an extra board strip on the back for extra stability .. either that or put some “L” brackets for the extra support..

  10. That step stool is darling! xo

  11. Very cute! I’ve become addicted to Jamberry Nail Wraps and they have an adorable watermelon design that’s on my wish list for summer. ^.^


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