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  1. Hi Katherine – Thanks for including me and signing . I guess I am not big on change especially when I don’t quite understand why. Oh, well…..
    I’m off to ready your blog now as what I have seen is great !

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  3. This is why I was hesitant to jump ship when everyone else did. I doubt they will take it away from the Blogger platform they just want you back 😉
    I will continue to follow. Good Luck!

  4. Honestly, I don’t do well with change. I know it sounds dumb, but sometimes it can really take me a while before I start understanding things. I hope this isn’t one of those. Drat. Just when I was getting comfy…

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  6. Hi Katherine, I clicked the link you provided for “information from gfc blog” and couldn’t find anything about follow, friend connect or the other concerns you mentioned???

    1. Yes the Deadline is there March 2012. Google wants everyone to great a google + account and add friends that way!

  7. Ok, you have me a little nervous here. Do I understand correctly, that in the new year at some point people will not be able to follow me by clicking on join this site? I know Google said something about discontinuing Google Chrome..don’t even know what that is really. That is too bad and I hope that it’s not true.

  8. Why would they do that? And it might stop for everyone? How on earth will we know who is following our blogs? I can still follow through Google Reader, but I know how much it means to bloggers to see a little icon in their GFC box.

  9. Every time they mess with something, chaos ensues. If it ain’t broke, why the need to fix it??? I don’t have a clue what this will cause. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  10. This is news to me….I had not heard this. Any changes make me apprehensive!! I sure hope I can stay in touch with everyone….this is such a large part of my life now. I have made friends all over the country, and the world. Katherine, thank you for letting me join your blog list….I wouldn’t want to miss your posts!
    I’m off to see how to do my own linky thingie!

  11. Don’t worry Katherine! I think everything will be just fine : )
    Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog list!

  12. What???!!!! I hadn’t heard anything about this!! I’m confused now, being not so savvy about computer stuff…how will we follow people and know when they update their blogs now?! O_O That’s how I keep up with everybody!….*sigh*

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