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    1. Oh sweet Rosey, our granddaughter would love it. ♥She is crazy about France. We gave her all things French for Christmas. An Eiffel tower sculpture was among some of the things. xo

  1. Since I started cooking again, I have found a new passion. Aprons! There are so many cute ones. They are as fun as shoes. You can collect a bunch and easily swap them out with your mood. I got 2 new ones for Christmas and my little ones each got an apron with their own kitchen tools in the pockets. Since it is so cold today, I plan to make cookies with the kids. We are all excited to try out our new aprons. You collection is quite impressive.

  2. I always wear an apron. These are simply beautiful. It is difficult to find nice aprons anymore.
    What a nice event. Blessings and Happy New Year. Catherine xo

    1. Catherine my lovely friend. I have no doubt you have a wonderful apron collection.I bought a pattern recently and may sew a few new ones. I have a hard time finding them in the local shops too. There are several places on the internet but they are quite expensive. xox

  3. Katherine, what a great bunch of aprons. I remember in Grade 7, we had to sew one with a bib and make a matching cap (shows you how old I am) and then embroider our name on the cap. I’d look pretty silly wearing it now. I do have a favorite apron, one I wore this Christmas, for the first time in a long time. It’s one with a bib that my mother decorated with cross stitched roses and a crocheted border.

  4. My girlfriend bought me the cutest retro style apron from Anthropologie and I love it. I feel like a 1950’s housewife when I wear it : )

    The one you got is super cute.


  5. I almost never remember to put on an apron! I do have a couple of my Grandma’s (her name was Clara Rose), made for her by her sister – Myrtle, I think. They are gingham check with cross-stitched borders. That embroidered apron above has given me an idea for a friend’s birthday present this year! Brilliant!

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