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  1. I learned their ArcticLock technology keeps food frozen for two days in the event of a power outage. That is awesome, I could have used that 3 months ago when I lost power for days and had to throw away food from the fridge after the outage.

  2. if I will win, I will spend the Paypal Cash for my Son’s 3rd Year Birthday Party this coming March. Hopefully I will be given a chance to win this. 🙂

  3. Great website, they got tons of variety of good stuff for kitchen, laundry, and home comfort. While viewing the good stuffs, it made me thought to replace my ref., washing machine, and air conditioner with a wall mount.

  4. I would not spend the Paypal cash, but I will give it to someone as a gift. I’m very much happy with the Convection Oven, I will be able replace my old oven with new one if I will win.

  5. With the upright freezer I can save an average of $750 a year with additional storage space, and the frozen goods in the freezer can stay frozen for 2 days when there is power outage.

  6. I learned that they have technology called ArcticLock that can keep your food fresh in the fridge for TWO days during a power outage. What a lifesaver!

  7. I will spend the $200 PayPal cash to take the course to get my motorcycle license which has been a goal of mine for some time now.

  8. I liked the ‘Create Your Kitchen’ feature on the website. It provides an insightful perspective on color schemes and placement.

  9. The PayPal cash would most likely go on my Amazon wish list. It holds things I really want but just cannot afford on my own.

  10. First I learned that “Our ArcticLock™ technology keeps food frozen for over two days in the event of a power outage.” This is very important. That full two days gives plenty of time to get the power back or figure out what you are going to do. But what I really love is the customizable door function.

  11. ArcticLock™ technology keeps food frozen for over two days in the event of a power outage. I sure could use that with the power outages here.

  12. I would spend my cash hopefully on a Big Pro Mixer that starts with the word Kitchen! Wanted one for years, never been able to purchase one! Thanks 🙂

  13. I found out that with the Frigidaire Articlocke Technology, the freezer will keep your food frozen for up to 2 days during a power outage.

  14. I would keep it in my account and treat myself to an online purchase every now and again. Super special online retail therapy.

  15. I learned that Frigidaire has ArcticLock technology which keeps foods frozen for two days after a power outage. That is a neat feature!

  16. I never count my chickens before they are hatched. So I have no immediate plans to purchase. but if i had the money, I would probably buy some thick wooly socks. i love thick wooly socks.

  17. I like that From Start to Clean, get meals to the table faster with Quick Preheat, True Convection and a 20-minute steam clean. That is a real timesaver

  18. I found I want a new stove and refrigerator! Well not want, need is the more appropriate, have had my appliances over 20 years and the oven no longer works and the fridge is making dying noises…lol Thank you!

  19. Thanks for such a great give away! I would find someone who really needed the oven and give it to them! Same with the money!

  20. what they say about their freezers — “Our ArcticLock™ technology keeps food frozen for over two days in the event of a power outage.” way cool — keeps you from loosing your food during a power outage.

  21. If I win I would use the cash to buy my daughters birthday gift and hopefully do something fun during spring break since I don’t think we are going to the beach this year. Thanks for this opportunity.

  22. I probably should not say anything and just skip it but I get aggravated when, for instance, there is an option to subscribe to the Painted Chateau and I click the link and it takes me to their blog and I see no place to subscribe, comment, like, share, etc… The menu had about and archive and those didn’t help me any either. I don’t know if it’s a mobile version, and I am on a mobile, but so many that have mobile versions I can’t find anything and after opening six pages from choosing options I decide it just isn’t worth it. Some have the web version that is visibly seen and great, most don’t. Anyway, like I said, I probably shouldn’t even comment, because I do not mean to sound rude to you in any way because I can get around your blog easily and have always been able to but I can’t subscribe on that one.

    1. Hello Christy, I believe it is a mobile thing. Unfortunately I have no control over the mobile versions. But I have logged your attempt to subscribe. Thank you for being a Katherines Corner subscriber and bloggy friend. Hugs and good luck in the giveaway ♥

  23. I learned that you can change the refrigerator door on some models to better organize to suit your needs. I also learned that food will stay frozen for 2 days in the event of a power failure. While we don’t usually get lots of ice and snow in North Carolina, it seems that when the power does go out, it stays out for a few days, so that feature would save money by keeping the food frozen.

    1. I will spend mine helping my friend she just got out on her own a month ago is 8 months pregnant and yesterday lost everything when her apartment went on fire now she has nowhere to live

  24. $1799.00
    Frigidaire 30” Drop-In Electric Range
    is what I would love to have, what nice items!!!

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  26. I would spend the cash to get faster internet or a new computer because I have been dozing off while waiting for pages to load!!!

  27. True Convection uses a single fan and third heating element to circulate heat evenly for quicker multi-rack baking in both ovens.

  28. Wow, Katherine! What a giveaway! I’d like to use the PayPal money to purchase kitchen gadgets on my ‘wish list’! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your generous giveaway! Roz

  29. I would use it to buy awesome things to cook in the new oven, and maybe a new keyboard…mine is about shot.. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  30. I really like all the different things they have that can be used for organizing. I need more organization in my life 🙂

  31. I learnt about how to customise your own freezer or refrigerator. An example would be the customised 18 CU. FT. TOP FREEZER REFRIGERATOR FGTR1844Q . Thank you so much for the giveaway. If I won, I would put it towards buying a new smartphone.

  32. Spend the cash? The first thing that comes to mind is craft supplies! But perhaps a new camera (my broke recently) would be a whole lot more practical and necessary.

  33. What would I do with $200? well, we could use a new microwave, too, lol. Or we need a new can opener & mixer.

  34. I love Frigidaire’s fridges! I want a new fridge! Old style, fridge on the bottom, freezer up top, is my favorite. we have a side to side type now & I don’t care for it.

  35. I learned that ENERGY STAR label means the product passed stringent standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  36. I was excited to find the Frigidaire 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator. I have been looking for a college fridge but didn’t like the freezer sections. This one is perfect, I love that it has a separate door.

  37. I like the customize refrigerator door. I own a Frigidaire Refrigerator and stove and they have both done well for me.

  38. I would use it to either put toward the new stove I really need, or the new Silhouette machine I really want.

  39. Frigidaire products are wide ranging. Kitchen and laundry appliances including smaller appliances like coffee makers.

  40. I read that True Convection uses a single fan and third heating element to circulate heat evenly for quicker multi-rack baking in both ovens. This would be great to own.

  41. I could really go nuts w/ the $200 by filling up my deep chest freezer, and I’d have to buy “better” pans to use with the convection oven.I have a bad back, so bending over and lifting heavy items into and out of my current oven is a pain.The convection oven would free up my stove for bigger items, too!!!!!

    I actually follow your posts on wordpress, so I’m hoping that the “direct emailing updates” will do better….:)



  42. If I’m lucky enough to win, I would use the PayPal cash towards buying a new Oven. Great giveaway…thanks for making it possible!

  43. I discovered an Oven that I would love to have…Frigidaire 30” Drop-In Electric Range! The Oven that we currently have is over 40 years old, plus it’s broken )=

  44. I loooooooove that you can customize the storage for your needs – it eliminates not knowing how on earth you’re going to accommodate that weird thing you brought home after your party haha

  45. Oh my gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at appliances. I didn’t know there was so many options. Great giveaway!

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