1. What a sweet little guy. And how tiny he was as a baby. I have loved three dogs in the past and know how they can steal your heart. My last was a Labradoodle named Tavi which means “ogod” in Aramaic. He was my love for almost ten years and then became sick and I had to let him go. It broke my heart and I still miss him every day. Loving a dog is really magic, I think. They are so “other”, yet there exists a potential for communication between human and animal that has always just amazed me. I envy you having Izzyy to love and appreciate you sharing him with your readers. Hugs to you and pats for dear Izzy.

    1. Naomi, he was a goofy looking little fella, but what a handsome boy he has grown up to be. I’m sorry to learn your Tavi left our world to soon. They leave footprints on our hearts that will last a lifetime. Loving a dog is magical, they look to us for their every need and it is one I take with open arms. Izzy says thank you for the pats. I send hugs to you across the miles, Katherine

  2. What a precious baby! I love our furbabies, so I know how much Izzy must mean to you. Thank you for sharing Izzy with us. I’m nursing a sick fur-baby baby back to health right now, so seeing Izzy’s gorgeous bright eyes brings hope and joy. 🙂

      1. Your Izzy is so adorable. Reminds me of my daughter’s schnauzer mix “Iggy”. Iggy is a sweet girl. She loves her 4 kitty brothers and and 2 sisters. I just discovered your blog and love it!

  3. Katherine, Izzy is just adorable. They truly are Man/womens best friend. I bet Izzy’s favourite room to hand out is in the kitchen with you hoping that you might have a slight mishap and drop some treats on the floor. Izzy is your built in clean up crew… I hope this note finds you well and wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend! Take Care, BAM

  4. What a very nice dog,
    my Rony is also such a little cuddly dog look here:

    Best wishes from Germany

  5. My dog tries to eat his leach when he goes on a walk. And beware if any other dog wants to try to be friends with his Mi Mi. That will never happen. No matter what he is the best companion and friend and makes me smile all day. A real companion for an old lady (77 years old now) and he is only 5. Oh my goodness!!!

  6. I have a little dog named Hugs who sounds just like your little dog. These little fur bundles sure bring lots of love. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Janet he is our sweet baby boy. We often finds ourselves asking “where is the baby boy” or how is our baby boy today” ( thank goodness dog lovers know we are not crazy, LOL xo

  7. Your dog is so cute! I’m a proud mommy of a male maltese called Asher. His behavior is similar to your dog. Ilaughed when you said your dog thinks he’s your personal bodyguard because that’s exactly how my dog behaves with me too. I often have to run from big dogs when i take him for a walk because He thinks he’s the boss and he’s ready to give up his live to protect me. He has really become part of my family and a joy to our lives. Concerning his behavior, Cesar Milan Teaching DVDs has helped us a lot to understand better our dog and discipline him the righ way. Hugs to you and a special one to Izzy

    1. I love Cesar Milan he is a miracle worker. I wonder if he can help me with Izzy. He is such a joy in our lives and he has mastered so many commands and tricks and I swear he understands everything we say. But taking him for a walk is such a challenge. He pulls and walks on his hind legs! LOL

  8. Is it wrong to follow you simply because this dog is so adorable? Found you from miss Erin at Two Thirds Hazel. Can’t wait to be apart of your reader club! I’m Phoebe over at Taken By The Lapels. So if you see your stats going up, it’s me adoring your whole blog!

  9. Izzy looks very much like my little Schnoodle, Poppy. Here is a link to a few photos I took of her at Christmas time. They look very alike, but Poppy has a wave to her coat. I realise that Poppy is Schnauzer and Poodle but the similarity is uncanny. The image on your side bar, I have one identical of Poppy. Izzy is obviously as much a character as Poppy is.


    I hope you get a chance to take a look.

    Lee 🙂

    1. Lee, I just spent some time at your lovely blog. You are right They do look alike. I shared your wonderful photos of your sweet Poppy with my Mother and hubby tonight and they agree. Our Izzy thinks he’s a person…shhh don’t tell him he isn’t, giggle. I imagine your Poppy is the same. Aren’t they wonderful members of the family. I look forward to our bloggy friendship. Hugs!

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